rimOnO Corporation is

“A small electric car company aiming to change our transportation system, energy system and our lifestyle”

- Founder and CEO – Shinsuke Ito (former Japanese Government official)

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We believe

- “Slow and small” vehicle is the answer for environmentally friendly society, aging population, and compact city.
- “Open innovation” across enterprises, industries, and countries is the key for creating new values and dynamism to the society.
- Streets in cities must not be occupied by cars but rather provide spaces for street markets and outdoor cafés, thus making the streets more friendly to pedestrians and smaller vehicles.

Our first prototype “rimOnO Prototype 01”

- Launched on May 20th, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.
- “Kawaii” (cute) design making this car universally attractive.
- Soft, small, slow features making it friendly to pedestrians.
- Open architecture providing opportunities to outside vendors on exterior designs, optional devices, and tablet apps.


- Compact size: 1.0m width, 2.2m length, 1.3m height
- Capacity: 2 seats (2 adults / 1 adult and two children)
- Target weight: 200kg (currently 320kg)
- Target speed: Max 45km/h (Aiming to meet European L6e standard)
- Target range: 50km with exchangeable battery system

Other features

- Waterproof cushion and fabric body with exchangeable exterior feature creating opportunities for various designs similar to smartphone cases
- Unique seat design and seat layout making it fun to ride / rotating driver’s seat making it easy to get in and out
- Bar type steering similar to scooter and bicycle making it easy to operate
- “Bring Your Own Device” capability for navigation and audio system providing opportunities for device and app vendors

Engineering and prototyping:



Our development partners:

Dreams Design Corporation
- Engineering, prototype model production

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
- Proposal and supply of chemical materials

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
- Supply of waterproof tent fabric

Roland Corporation
- Sound system for rimOnO Prototype 01

Power Supply Technology Corporation
- Development and supply of battery pack

Contact: info@rimono.jp

rimOnO prototype 01 @ WISE WISE (photo by Hayato Furusho)

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Power Supply Technology Corporation
- Development and supply of battery pack